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Brahma Temple of Pondicherry-Puducherry

The worship of Brahma as far back as the origins of Hinduism.
The Brahma Temple of Pondicherry is the abode of Brahma. It is located in south India, in the state of Tamil Nadu.
Address: Brammar Nagar, Sri Brammar Kovil Street, Kombakkam, Chettikalam, Othiyampet Post, Pondicherry 605110 India.
The Temple is recorded in the administration of the Government of Pondicherry under number 2392 / Book IV.
This tiny temple houses Brahma, the Creator God. It is placed directly on the ground there without stele.
This land is considered as Aditi, Mahimata, Yaganmatri, Mahadevi, Amman. She is Mother Earth, the Matrix. It means fertility, abundance, fertility of life.
In 1993, the eternal flame was brought to this place.
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Description of the Brahma Temple

The small Brahma , polychrome statue, is placed directly on the ground , facing the sea, with on its left, the receptacle of the eternal flame and on its right the World flag. On the front is shown a swarm of bees , a symbol of genesis . Twelve months of the year are engraved, symbol of the power of Brahma on the time .
A column of granite , stands facing the sea wearing on its top the mystical bird Hamsa , vehicle of Brahma, a symbol of good health , healing , longevity and peace.
The great Brahma, white colored is placed vertically under the starry sky, facing north.
The god Brahma has four visible heads, a tour in each direction. Its fifth head hidden in its hair, eyes are reversed and look to the Cosmos .
This representation of Brahma is unique in India.
At the entrance , east side, a bas-relief of Brahma, teak , is regularly coated with sandalwood oil .

How to worship Brahma

Ten fingers and clasped hands, both heels and toes joined, bow facing Brahma. Then look up to the sky.
In this way to worship the god Brahma, position yourself in your ATMA (soul) to feel your five villages:
• First village: your family,
• Second village; your city
• Third village; your country
• Fourth village: the world
• Fifth village the whole universe.
Facing Brahma; live your own Unity. It is the expansion of consciousness.
Enlight the eternal flame with a white wick soaked in a mixture of five oils: coconut, sesame, peanut, etc..
Place it in its receptacle disposed on the left side. 


Fruits: pomegranate, grapes, bananas ...
• Seeds: rice, wheat ...
• Honey
Always ring the bell before leaving the Devasthanam.
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About the Brahma Temple

The Brahma Temple was founded in 1993 as an independent temple in the state of Pondicherry in India. It works as an Association dedicated to the worship of Brahma.

This temple offers not only a place for worship and presentation of Brahma but also the meeting place for the followers.

It proposes to share their researches of the God Brahma and live together in peace under the doctrine of divine teaching.

We are also pleased to perform social actions where human assistance is welcome.

The temple offers various activities which are open to all interested parties. Followers of Brahma or not, feel free to visit our sanctuary or attend our prayers, introductory courses, conferences, or other activities.

We are open every Thursday from 7 am to 17h.

Visitors or participants in the service can visit the place by appointment.

You are welcome.

Histoire et culte
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The worship of Brahma is open every Thursday from 7:00 AM to 12:00 AM.


"Some thoughts come from the Divine. The realization of Brahma Temple Pondicherry is one.
In the seed are the tree, flower, fruit, fragrance.
This temple has sprung from countless prayers of the world to the worship of Brahma. Since my youth, I was carrying this revelation."

Temple 2017
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The invocation of Brahma

"On behalf of Brahma, I honor Life, I honor the World. I never will harm, in any form whatsoever, either in body or spirit of Life.

With all my potential, I will help to preserve Life in all its forms."

Temple of Brahma, holy place of immortality.

Reaching The Temple of Brahma in Pondicherry is a precious opportunity to serve and move forward on your spiritual way.
Visitors, religious or followers are pleased to offer one hour a day to the SEVA (by working for free).
Total desinterest to connect yourself to the fundamental, to allow flowing of Brahma's Divine creation.

How can you prepare your visit:

In Brahma's Temple, the open space “Namaste's Room” is available for organized yoga and meditation activities or for your private practice.
You won't find any trunk of aumône in the temple and there is no electricity.
Bring with you yoga mat, towels, some drinking water and food.
You can use the fountain to refresh or wash yourself.

Opening hours: 6 am to 5 pm.
You may ask for the keys of the Temple.
Temple of Brahma is located in a forest, 3 km walk from a village. You can also take a bike or call a taxi or a rickshaw.

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